August 9, 2010


Hello fellow bloggers and friends. 

Some of you might know me already but for those who doesn't a proper introduction is due.
My name is Agnes aka flowerdisco and I run a blog where I share my creations, mostly cards, for your entertainment. A few months ago I bought a Flip with hopes to make lots of video tutorials but soon realized I was no teacher. My goal and hopes still there, I just need to get there and do it, right? lol

I am also one of Sheila's aka SassyLady new designers and I am super excited to be here and share with you a project I made. Since I was thinking about the videos and teaching, I also realized school starts soon in my area. One of my neighbors is a retired teacher but she still does substitute a lot. I made my project with her in mind and I will be giving it to her before school starts.

 I decided to use the one inch bag again from the Cricut cartridge Tags, Bags, Boxes and more because I love how simple and well made always turns out to be.
This bag is the one I made for one of My Pink Stamper Designer Team Projects and I also had a couple of giveaways kits with it too.

This is the project I made and I sure hope you like it.

5.50 inch tall

I also made some bookmarks to go with it. I used Create a Critter for all of the Animal Species. There are 6 Animals Groups: amphibians, birds, fish, insects, mammals and reptiles. I am no teacher remember, so please, correct me if I am wrong :p

I made the frog (amphibian) from page 24, the chick (bird) from page 53 and the fish (fish) from page 43. All of them are from the Create a Critter cartridge.
They were all cut at 2.25 inch high but you can see a big difference in the width.

I also made a dog (mammal), a butterfly (insect) and a turtle (reptile). Does it sound like a science class yet? lol. I cut the turtle at 2 inches, the dog at 2.25 inch and the butterfly at 2.50 inches.

I cut some chipboard at 1 by 9" and the patterned paper at 2.50 by 9" to cover the naked chipboard and to make my bookmarks.

 Here is a collage of the animals.
(remember you click on all the pics for a bigger view)

After  I was almost done I decided to add to the sides of the bag the word "bookworm" since inside it you will find bookmarks. I always have problems adding a shadow when is none in the cartridge but I didn't want to fuzz too much more and at the end I always like the result anyway. Who said we have to be perfect, right?
Below you will see the "bookmark" word on the sides and another view of the front of the bag.

I hope you enjoyed my humble project and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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Thanks for stopping by 
a big hug to all.
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