August 9, 2010

Personalizing A Pre-Packaged Layout Kit

Isn't this adorable? These are photos of my grandchildren Sydney and Justin on Orange beach the summer of 2009. Justin's birthday is today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN) and he is eight today and probably wouldn't appreciate me sharing that his younger cousin helped him out of the water!!! LOL
Today I thought I would do a simple layout from a pre-packaged kit that I have had in my scraproom for a couple of years now. It's amazing that now I have my Cricut I don't even look at these as I am always going for a "new look" or "new design" to share with you. The bottom line is we all own these kits and we need to use them up. My kit had 2 pages of solid card stock and 2 pages of printed paper and a few pieces of chip board.  
I challenge you  since school is just around the corner and time is very limited to just grab an old kit and put it together! I will run a McLinkey at the bottom of this post and lets see how many of you can actually get done in the next two weeks. I didn't have to take anything other than the package, ribbon, atg gun, scissors and my camera so you could see what I was doing. Remember you can use anyting, buttons, butterflies, skittles, stickles.... so just have fun.
My partner Roger is on vacation so I went to work early (like he does) just in case someone came early. Well I was prepared and had these goodies in a little black Creative Memories tote and actually completed the page before work started. So in about 30 to 45 minutes I had my page completed!!!

I like the layout on the pacakage but was puzzled as to how I was going to cut the circle for the sun... I mean no Cricut... it was almost like I lost an are or something.
I grabbed the soup bowl from my office as it was the largest circle on my desk and traced it.
Notice I made the mark on the back of the paper so you coldn't see any tell tale marks on the paper.
I then layed the components on the page so I had a good visual of where everything was going to be.
I took my glue glider pro and ran all around the edge of the 1/2 circle and cut little 2" pices of ribbon. All I did was fold them in little V's and place on the semi-circle. When I was done I put another row of glue on the ribbon and on the paper and adhered it to the page.
I forgot my markers so I grabbed one off my desk and outlined the sun.
I then took turquoise/teal blue ribbon and adhered that in the same fashion onto the blue paper to make it look like waves. I used the chipboard from the kit and added on top of the ribbon and between the to it offers plenty of texture to the page. I also added the chipboard heading that was on the kit. Viola, my page is done! And didn't it turn out cute? Below are a couple of close ups.

I sure hope you enjoyed today's little project. Sometimes we just need to set back and regroup, look around at your scrap supplies and use what we have in those shelves and drawers. When we bought them we loved them and saw a reason to use. So that is my challenge to you... Use something that you have had laying around for at least 1 year and have avoided. Then post a photo of your project here! Lets see what we can come up with. Anything you want!
I am always encouraged by your sweet - sweet words. Your comments inspire me to keep scrapping and sharing things with you. Now please share with me!
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