August 8, 2010

Look At These Beautiful Cards I Received

Aren't they lovely. The first is from Susan she was the lucky winner of the weekly card Crab kit. Isn't her card adorable? She said she couldn't get over how nice the paper was and that the photos I took just didn't display the paper as nice as it actually is and loves her card. I am always really impressed when people send me a hand made card. I just had to share.

This next card is from Jenny, she is the lucky winner of the Cri-Kit Pens. Her card was very unique with her sentiment written on the back... I really need to try making more cards like these as it really hit home how important cards are. It just really put a smile on my face and I would love to make sure other feel special too.Now I also want to interject a note about all the winners so that you know... everyone has sent a thank you note via e-mail and they were all greatly appreciated. I am the queen of emails so believe me I would email too.  These cards were a reminder to me that I need to mail more as receiving them really made me feel special and I want my friends to feel that way too!
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