August 22, 2010

Time To Organize

Isn't this a mess? Well I decided that it is time to clean out my messenger bag! I take my bag with me everywhere as you never know when you will get a spare minute to put goodies together. I was amazed at how much "stuff" I could actually fit into this little bag. Thanks Provo Craft for this wonderful reward!

This is just the contents of the little zipper in front. The contents included 4 different colors of ribbon, two packages of pop dots, 2 packages of red gems one of which spelled Merry and was unopened, and the other was half gone, 2 small StampinUp ink squares, scrap paper and 4 bottles of stickles.

Now doesn't this look better? And everything is easy to see as well as get at.

This is the inside of my bag, as you can see it is stuffed full, so much so you can hardly put anything else in it.

So I dumped all the goodies out on my desk... You wouldn't believe how much I had in there. I had a Glue Glider Pro and 2 refills, a camera and its case and charger, 2 Zip Dry glues, misc. paper scraps, 2 types of Zig Glue Pens, large glue dots, my Cricut Tool Kit, My Gypsy Woman, more gem stones, loose paper sketches, April, May and June calendars, broken necklace, 2 card kits, gems stones that I thought I had mailed to Kim on the message board (sorry Kim they should be at you house when you read this), paper towels for cleaning up a mess, a USB cord and a medium Manila envelope that I use to mail card kits out.

Now look how much nicer it looks, everything in place it will make it so much easier to find things. I like to always carry my adhesives, pens and tool kit because you never know when you will have that opportunity to do a couple of things. All I can say is its a good thing I didn't do this yesterday as I had punches in my bag too!!! I had read Okie's blog on punching those scraps so you would have them when you need them.... well let me tell you that is a wonderful thing to take to work if you are on the phone a lot! I took about ten twelve inch strips with me and they are all done! Great idea Okie, I really love time savers and this is one I will use over and over!
As for today I sure hope I was able to show you that it is important to take a few minutes and clean out and pack up a bag for yourself. I would say that 90% of my cards are made away from home.By the way, my special events book was made away from home only because this messenger bag was packed and ready for business! Just think of how much more you could get accomplished if you had a bag packed and ready with your supplies. With Christmas just around the corner I hope that you take just a few minutes to prepare for
the extra projects that we all take on.
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