August 21, 2010

Gyspy Owners Needing Organization

If you are yearning for a little organization but don't want to drag out your books each and everytime you want to design something, then you need to check this out! This is my little book that I refer to if I can't recall or am stumped for a piece of art. I keep a page of every cart I have in this handy binder.
All I do is print a copy of the cart image page from the Cricut Message Board Library. Then I insert in a page cover and place in my book. My book is in alphabetical order as that is how my Gypsy is organized. I love this as I can read the words easier and see art that I sometimes miss while scrolling through My Gypsy Woman. I like how on the newer carts you can see the color breakdowns of the image and it makes it easier for me to create.
Now honestly, can you remember all the art work on your carts? I didn't think so. And that means you need a little book like this too!
All I do is flip through the pages, everything is at my fingertips. And the cost was almost nothing. I had the binder in the house from some old project all I had to do was buy more page protectors and I was good to go.
My cover was done on my computer on MS Word and a few pieces of art from the MB. You know what amazes me is the art work I forgot was even on some of my carts. I will be refering more and more to this book, especially if I can't think of anything to create as it gets those ideas going immediately. Registered & Protected

I hope todays little shortcut helps you in organizing your craft area and making it easier to create the things you love.
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