February 20, 2011

Brianna's Hand Made - Home Made Guitar!! AWESOME!

This is Brianna's little guitar she made for a school project. I am just so proud of her and the GREAT job she did. I can't believe this is a second grade project. She did this with a little help from Mom and Dad. Mom helped with the shopping but Dad showed Brianna how to work the tools! He helped her all along the way but as you can see from the photos, Brianna made this beautiful guitar.
They started by cutting a hole in one of those wooded boxes you see in the craft stores.

Here is Brianna and her dad getting the handle ready. Dad shows and then she gets to have hands on.... cool heh?
Brianna get the handle ready for placement.
After the hole was cut the attached the handle with glue and let it dry.
Getting ready for the strings.
Time for painting.
Looks better in every photo.
You have to have the B for Brianna at the top!
Hurry up and dry so the next coat can go on!
It's coming together now!
All that is left is to add the strings and play a little tune!
And finally Brianna gets to play this AWESOME GUITAR that she made with a little help from her Dad! I am sure you will all agree Brianna did great.
Thanks for joining us today and I sure hope you like today's project brought to you by my 8 year old grand daughter Brianna. Thank you so much for your sweet, sweet words of encouragement for Brianna, I am sure they will inspire her along the way.
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