February 9, 2011

Piano Hinge Book

Good morning! This is Beatriz from Amazing Grace blog. Today I am bringing you a very cool project called "piano hinge book" (I actually knew it by another name -bamboo weaved book-).

5 sheets of 12 x 12 card stock
Several sheets of your favorite printed paper
Embellishments to taste
5 - 12" bamboo skewers
Embroidery thread
Tacky Glue
Paper cutter
Bone folder

  • Fold each of the card stocks in half using bone folder.  Then trim 1" from each end so you end up with 5 folded card stocks, 11" x 6 
  • Align the template over the folded edge of the card stocks and trace along the "saw tooth" pattern with a pencil.  This is where you will make your cuts. E-mail me if you want the template at beatrizguzman58@yahoo.com

  • Cut out the notches you traced in the previous step. 

  • Slide a skewer into bottom of one of the folded card stocks and weave it through every other tab.  This is going to be the front cover 

  • With the spine (where the skewer is) to the left, place the front cover directly over the next page. Slide another skewer into bottom of this page and "weave" this page into the front cover.  The skewer will go through the first tab on this page, then through the second tab on the cover page, back to the third tab on this new page and so on until the skewer exits out the top.  The second, fourth, sixth (and so on) tabs on this new page should be empty.  These are going to be used to weave the third folded page into the book.

  • Continue in this fashion until all five pages are woven into the book. The last page will have unused tabs.  Don't worry about them.
  • Take the embroidery thread and interlace the tops and the bottoms of the skewers together, leaving some amount of extra thread at the top of the book.  (Later you're going to put some dangling beads or charms here to give the book an elegant look.)  Tie the threads off firmly.  Carefully use some tacky glue on the thread to help hold it to the skewers.

  • Cut off sharp the skewer tips.

  •  Knock yourself out decorating the pages and cover... and voila!
Thank you Sheila and  She's a Sassy Lady  for having me again. Have a fabulous and blessed day!
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