February 10, 2011

A Valentine's Bouquet!

Hi! It's Barb from Crafty Girl and this month I decided to show you a project me and my darling daughter created for her teacher this year for Valentine's Day! A flower sucker bouquet! This project cost me a total of $4 to make + supplies I already had. (Red pail $1, Suckers $2.99) The best part about this project is that me and my daughter (8 years old) could make it together! I really wish I could show it to all of you in real life because it is so much cuter than the photo shows!

Now for the directions.....

You will need a metal pail, cardstock both plain and printed, ribbon, suckers, styrofoam, and adhesives.

I used my Gypsy with my bloom cartridge and cut the flowers anywhere from 2.5 in. to 4.0 inches.

I had more flowers than what I needed for this project but my daughter is using the ones we didn't use on this on her class Valentines!

We picked out 3 - 4 different sizes and colors for each flower. Using a skewer, we were able to roll the leaves back.

Once the leaves are curled back, layer them one on top of another from smallest to largest. We just used plain old glue to hold the layers together. This is also a good time to tie ribbon around the sucker.

We used a glue dot to hold the flower onto the back of the sucker.

I dug through my stash of supplies and found this block of styrofoam to place in the bottom of the pail to hold the "flowers" in place.

We added a punched border to the inside of the pail to help hold in the "grass" (shredded paper). We also added some extra trim I had laying around to dress up the pail. (Sorry for the blurry picture here!)

Here are what the flowers looked like before we added them to the pail.

And this is what the bouquet looked like when it was finished! I thought my daughter did a fairly good job of layering the flowers by height... not an easy task with the styrofoam!

We finished it off with a tag that she can write a personal little note to her teacher on!

And there you have it.... an inexpensive gift that my daughter feels good about giving because she had an active role in creating it! Thank you Sassy for letting me share on your blog again today!

Barb  :)
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