February 22, 2011

Tuesday's Misted Sassy Canvas

Hello everyone.  It's me again, Cher, from Cheryl's Window and I am really excited to share my project with you, and I'm going to share it with you with a mini blog hop.   Today, I am so honored to be a guest designer at She's a Sassy Lady as well as at Tuesday Treats.  My assigned dates just happened to coincide, so with the OK from both Sheila and Pam, we decided to make this a little fun and turn it into a mini hop, basically a bounce!  

This was an exciting project for me to create and I truly hope you find some inspiration from it.   It all started because I was really drawn to some of the popular subway art out there, but I knew I wanted to do something just a little different and I wanted to add some color and pop.   I was able to achieve this with my Gypsy, some vinyl, a canvas and some Glimmer Mists.  

So bounce around these three blogs today to see my final project come together.  

We started over at Tuesday Treats with my design work and now we've moved over to She's A Sassy Lady to see the background start coming together.  So, if you are starting here at She's A Sassy Lady, please bounce back over to Tuesday Treats to see how this was started. 

After my designs were created, it was time to load up the vinyl on my Mats and start cutting.   To save on vinyl, I did take my background images and moved them together to one 12x12 mat.  You see in the picture above how I moved them all over and squished them together.  I then pushed the small round menu button and changed my cutting mat size to 12x12 to cut these images.  After these cut successfully, I changed my mat size back to 12x24 before cutting the words.  All my words were grouped together so that I could move it all to the edge of the 12x24 mat.

I absolutely love cutting vinyl.  It always cuts so nice and clean and there is a sense of satisfaction in that.   I use the 'kiss cut' method to cut my vinyl.  To do so, I use the blue Deep Cut Blade housing and blade set at a depth of 6.  My pressure is turned down to LOW (or 2).  This smoothly cuts through the vinyl itself leaving my vinyl backing in place.  

After my vinyl is cut, I then start the weeding process.  Using one of my Cricut tools, I start removing all the negative parts of my image.  I find this quite relaxing.   Since I used the 'kiss cut' method, you can see that only the vinyl is coming away leaving the background intact.  This makes for a much easier transfer of my desired image(s).

Here are my background images completed weeded and the negative surrounding space removed.  I also cut down the whole sheet to save the little bit of vinyl left over before removing the surrounding negative space.  

Place your vinyl backing on a nonstick mat.  Here, I'm using my really large Tattered Angels nonstick mat.  Love this mat, but it does not photograph well with other colors.  ;-)  I like using transfer tape by the roll, and I apply this over the image(s) I want to transfer.  Using my handy vinyl application tool, I burnish the transfer tape over the image.  

I then peel back the transfer tape making sure the vinyl sticks to the tape and is removed from the backing paper.  This works best when pulling the tape back at a 120-180 degree angle.   Be careful here that it doesn't stick back on itself now.  It can come undone, but it can make it difficult and put little not-so-friendly wrinkles in our vinyl.  

Lay your transfer tape/vinyl image over your desired area of placement and burnish again.  A gift card/credit card works too, but I really like this flexible vinyl tool.   This is placed directly on my canvas.  It looks similar to the picture above, but this time it is adhered to the canvas.   

I applied all my background images following the same procedure as above.   Again, these were just placed randomly in a way that I found pleasing to the eye.  No specific rhyme or reason.   These images were intended to be used as a stencil for misting my canvas with Tattered Angels Glitter Mist.  

I had a hard time choosing which colors I wanted to mist my background with and decided to create a transitional blend of colors.   I used Lemon Zest, Jingle Bells, Oriental Poppy, Garden Fairy, Dragonfly, Blue Skies, and Sapphire. 

Now, do you want to see how it all came together?   Bounce over to my blog at Cheryl's Window to see this project finished. 

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