December 8, 2011


Hello, everyone!!!  It's Audrey again, back this month with another project I'm hoping you'll enjoy!  As always, thank you Sheila for having me and letting me be part of such a wonderful team!!!  I look forward to all that's ahead in 2012!!!

One favorite Christmas/holiday pastime for so many has always been baking and giving cookies as a gift,  and how much fun we can have embellishing the packaging!!!  For my project today, I have a simple adornment/ornament for a cookie box or bag but which can also dress up a gift package bow as a tag and writing a message on the back; and/or can be saved to use as a tree ornament the following year after the cookies are gone -- it's an angel frame adornment/ornament.   This came to mind because my aunt loves cookies and she loves angels, so I'm going to combine her love for both in a simple gift this year.  When I purchased the  angel cookie cutter, I purchased 2; one for cookies and the other for the adornment.  Here's a picture of my idea for her cookie gift packaging:

This project is made with oven bake polymer clay, and you'll need a separate cookie cutter for the clay, a small cutter or object which can cut a frame into your clay, a picture of your choice to pop behind the frame, some paint, glitter, or whatever else desired to embellish the adornment.  Let me show you how I made mine.  I began by cutting out one clay angel to use as the backing of my adornment/ornament:

For the top layer (the frame), prior to cutting it out I first pressed a large stamp into the clay to give it some definition and character, then used a smaller cutter to cut out a frame (save the clay cut out from the frame and all the clay scraps for another project) :

After baking the two (2) angel cuts according to the manufacturer's directions and once cool, I placed my picture behind the frame of the top angel and glued the top angel to the back one.  Now it was time for me to dress it up!  Using Luster Rub-Ons in the russet color, with my finger I litely applied it to the top angel to highlight the raised stamp areas.  Next, again using my finger, I rubbed and entirely covered the piece with Crystal Ice color Stickles to mimic a sugar glaze:

Lastly I added a bow to the angel to match the cookie gift package!!!  Easy-peezy and all done!  And so many other possibilities; for example, add a stand to the back and replace the picture with names to use as table place markers, use as a card or scrapbook embellishment, etc.

Again, I'm sure you can use your imaginations and come up with all sorts of ideas -- give it a try but don''t forget to let me see!!!  LOL!!!  You can easily find me by clicking on my name at the top of this page and be directly linked to my blog!!! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and joining me today!!!

I'll be seeing you!
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