December 1, 2011

The Kids Corner Featuring Brianna and Carissa

While I was in Chicago I had the pleasure of spending time with my grandchildren. Recently I gave my daughter my baby bug when she came to visit and would you believe she had it 3 months and hadn't even turned it on!!! Well we got out the machine and I showed Heather how to work it by showing Brianna and Carissa. Well they are thrilled with it and made a few cards. These photos are of our time together. Brianna is showing Carissa how to apply Zip Dry glue to her project.

Carissa is doing a great job of doing exactly what Brianna taught her and her card is coming together nicely.
Carissa picked out her artwork and papers from Doodlecharms. Her mom was busy putting all the carts in the Cricut storage binders as she is reading herself to go to a crop in Gurnee, IL in November.

Her is Carissa's little Reindeer card... I might add she continued working on it and it ended up being a letter to Santa.
Carrissa is so proud of her card and loves working the Cricut. I think I will get cards from the children for Christmas! Yeah! And they are having a blast. Seems all my grand children love crafting.
Brianna's was the first card we did and the Popsicles are adorable. She made 2 cards. We actually made a wrong cut (the one on the right) and Brianna said we can use that as it is still good and you know what.... she was right.
Then we got a little creative and cut out the Mickey head from the Mickey font and Brianna took on this challenge and put it together.
 Look at this it turned out perfect, don't you love it?
Oh, this is little Aiden, he gave us all kinds of advise as he was too little to work the machine and play with glue. Instead little Aiden stayed at the table and ate goodies while we crafted.
This is my daughter Heather putting together a little Christmas tag... as you can see it on the computer.... I should show hubby this he complains that I use glue on the counter and she is using her laptop!!! Gutsy. Notice Carissa is there offering her advise!

I had to add this photo as last night Heather sent me a photo of Brianna's school project. She used the baby Cricut and Dress Up Paper Dolls to make this! I am so proud of her, she is only 9 years old, didn't she do great?
I hope you enjoyed today's post and will offer a lot of encouragement to Brianna and Carissa they did a great job on their cards and working with the Cricut! And to you Heather I am sure all the people reading this will agree you will love your little Cricut and before you know it you will want the big one!
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