December 5, 2011

Etched Snowflake Ornaments


Happy December!!!  Just 20 more days until Christmas!!  Lori here from Scrappin'MyStressAway with some snowflake ornaments.  I FINALLY tried to etch ~ how fitting that I shared this project on Sheila's blog as she inspired me a long time ago when she etched a glass baking dish!

I bought these mirror ornaments at Michaels.

I used these snowflakes from the Christmas cartridge and sized it at 1 1/2 inches.  I cut out the snowflakes in vinyl.  I set my cricut to Pressure 3, Speed 3 and Blade 3 to cut through the vinyl layer only (not the backing).

I peeled back the extra vinyl using my dental tool.  It is helpful to roll the vinyl as you pull it away to prevent it from sticking to your project.

I weed out the inner cuts next.  I use clear Contact paper for my transfer tape.  You need to dirty it up a bit on your jeans to de-stick it a bit.  I placed the contact paper over my snowflakes and burnished it with my scraper. 

I placed the snowflake in the center of the mirror and burnished it again.  I slowly peeled off the contact paper.

I got out my Armour Etch that I bought at Michaels about a year ago!

I put some newspaper down and put a thick coat of etching cream on my mirrors.

After 5 minutes, I rinsed one off and it looked done.

Here are the ornaments after I rinsed them and dried them with a paper towel.

I peeled off the remaining vinyl.

I added some sparkly ribbon and a coordinating gem to each snowflake.  These would make a nice gift! 

Thanks Sheila for having me on your blog today!!!  I hope everyone over here has a wonderful Christmas!!
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