January 5, 2012

Planning A Card Party

This morning I thought I would share with you a card party that is going to happen in my home next Friday evening. I am sharing as I thought you too might want to try it on your own. I am so excited as five of my friends including one of my blogger friends Charlotte from A Little Bit Of Detail is coming!  I sent out an Evite with the following copy in it. I want you to know I already have 4 cards at my home ready to be made! I think the party will be a success, don't you? Let me know in the comments what you think of a party like this, and if you would attend one if you received an invitation like mine. Also let me know what you would change or add if you were the hostess.

Here is the copy of the invitation...

This is a special card party! No one is selling anything, yet everyone will be going home with cards to get them started for the New Year! Yeah, doesn’t that sound like fun!

Let’s face it we all purchase and use many cards throughout the year and it can get pretty expensive. And if you are like me you love those hand-made cards the best. This year we will start the year out right by having at least 6 handmade cards.

Oh, did I mention prizes? There will be prizes too! Don’t you just love prizes? I will be giving away a 12x12 DCWV paper stack to two lucky winners! You just have to show up with your card packages and be ready to have fun! Don’t you just love those odds!

Here is how it works. Only 6 people are allowed at this party (and Jen & I have used up 2 of those seats) so call early to get your reserved seat! Each person will receive 6 card packages, 1 from each of the participants attending. The package will contain everything needed to complete the card. You will be doing the assembly of your packages at the workshop so bring your own adhesive (favorite tape runner & glue).

You are required to bring 6 card packages. All 6 packages will contain the same card, color may vary. You will have the card stock scored, stamped images already on the paper and if they are to be colored in that should be done also. Make sure any cuts are completed and if inking is needed please have that done too. If you want your cards to have extra dimension please feel free to use your Cuttle Bug. If pop dots, rhinestones or any other embellishments are needed, please include them in your little package.

At the workshop you will be given 10 to 15 minutes to help everyone assemble the card you designed. Please make sure you bring a completed card for them to see as some people find it easier to work off of a display and then you have to show less also.

Half way through we will stop for refreshments and goodies as we don’t want to bring drinks to the table we are working on. Then we will go right back to working on our cards and chatting some more! So reserve your seat and then start working on getting your packages ready. It can be any kind of card, Birthday, get well or maybe a thank you, just have it completely ready for assembly.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and reserve your seat.

Note: Once your seat has been confirmed by Jen or Sheila you need to make your card packages and get them to either one of us at least 1 week prior to the workshop. This way even if there is an emergency and you can’t make it that night everyone with reserved seats will still get all 6 cards including you! So hurry up, mark your calendars and let’s have some fun!

Back again.... now doesn't that sound like fun? I am anxious to here your comments.
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