January 10, 2012

Stines and Stems

Hi everyone! This is Elizabeth from 217Creations. I am completely addicted to Glass Etching. It all started when my husband wanted to do an etched beer stine as a white elephant gift for his office holiday party.  I had never done any kind of etching.  I knew how to do but had never attempted it.
 I started by kiss cutting (3 depth, 3 speed, 3 pressure)  into vinyl.  He wanted "Risk Analytics"- his company's name.  I used Nate's ABC font at approximately 1 inch.
Once I had cut the vinyl, I placed the stencil of the font onto the mug. I placed the large portion first and then placed the center of the R and the A into the stencil.
We bought the mug at Goodwill for 49 cents. I then used a black sponge brush and covered the stencil with Armour Etch.
After about 10 minutes, I rinsed the etching cream off, dried the mug, and removed the vinyl. 
I had a hard time photography the mug.  
Remember you can enlarge any photo by clicking on it.
This was a huge hit at the holiday party since all the employees are male.  We boxed it up with some beer, pretzels, and beef jerky-  The Total Guy package
So after the success of the White Elephant gift, I got thinking I could do small gift for my siblings and their spouses for Christmas.  I went to the Dollar Store and bought all the men Beer Stines and all the girls Wine Glasses.
 I then used Blackletter Cricut cartridge for the guys at 4 inches.  
The wine glasses were etched with Wall Decor and More at 2 inches.
Each couple received a set with their first name initial etched into the glass.
You know its a good gift when it gets posted on Facebook with a shout out! My sister Kathleen and her husband Bret put them to use right away. As always thank you for commenting and of course following us here at She's A Sassy Lady on my personal blog at 217 Creations. I hope you have a creative day!
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