April 10, 2012

Factor Fun Math Game

Hi Everyone! This is Elizabeth from 217 Creations. I love finding new ways to use my Cricut.  My son, Alexander,  had to make a math game and write instructions on how to play.  When he described what he wanted, I knew right away we would be using the Cricut.  The best part of this project: It is actually been useful.  Memorization of multiplication has been hard for not only Alexander, but one of my students that I tutor.  This game is so easy to play and the repetition really works!
I started by welding the calender grid from Designer's Calender cartridge.  I sized a grid to 5.82 by 4.06 inches.  I then made 3 copies and welded the 4 images together. I shifted the large grouped grid to fit on my mat so I created 10 squares by 10 squares (a portion of the grid hung off my Cricut Mini Mat; on an Expression Mat you could line this up without hanging the welded image off the mat). I laid the grid on a piece of white cardstock paper approximately 10 by 11.5 inches.
Next I cut a strip of black cardstock to act as a background for the title.  The title font is from Base Camp and are sized at 1.60 inches.
Next we cut the tokens; they are sized at .60 inches and are from  Designer's Calender as well.  We chose 4 colors for the four players and cut 36 for each player. The number inside the square is actually cut from vinyl.  I always use vinyl if I am cutting anything thin or slender.  These numbers are from Nate's ABC's and are sized at .51 inches. The hard part in this project was figuring out the frequency that the products occur across the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
Now for the game rules . . .
Each player takes turn rolling the 2 dice.  Whatever two number you roll, you multiply together.  You find that "product" (fancy term for answer in math) and place a token.  When you have 4 tokens in a row, you win. I hope this gives you some inspiration to try and incorporate your Cricut crafting into school projects. I think Alexander did a fabulous job creating a fun and practical game! Have great day! As always thank you for taking the time follow and leave a comment not only here at She's A Sassy Lady but also on my personal blog at 217 Creations.
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