April 24, 2012

Talladega Racing

Talladega Racing was a blast. Hubby took me and we had such a great time... I can't tell you who won or even who raced but I can attest to the fact that it was exciting! I just can't get over how fast those cars go around the track touching each other the whole way, they call it drafting. I thought it was insane! The noise level was something that you just had to experience. When the cars went by the core of your body just shook. 
Well I finally took the time to scrap these pages and I used the CTMH digital Studio J program as it is free to use, you only pay to process the photos, and I like that. Love the papers I chose too they are from the Cruisin' paper package just in case you prefer using paper. I love doing both and my books are filled with both paper and digital scrapping.
The first page I did is just hubby and I kind of relaxing and enjoying looking around in the stands. The bottom photos is of us on the campgrounds after breakfast in the morning. I was showing off my 1st Talladega ticket.
For the second page I just used online photos as you really can't get close enough to take shots like this unless you have the right zoom lens and the skill to do it. So know the quality of the photos isn't up to normal but will do fine for our personal albums. What a wonderful collage of what we experienced on the track. I can still feel the sound and smell the burning rubber of the tires. Awesome experience that we will always remember.

Close To My Heart makes it so easy to put these pages together, I hope you too take the time to play and maybe make a few pages of your own. This page only took an hour to do from beginning to end.  I purchased a 5 Pack, that's where you buy 5- 2 page layouts complete with page protectors and free shipping so all I do is type in my code and they ship it out to me. I did 2 pages last week, these 2 today and have 3 more sets to go, then I will place the order for them to ship out. It's great that they will come right to my door. And, I love that I can do them right at my desk on my lunch hour! How nice is that? Now for those of you that order a Studio J 5 pack know that you qualify for the Dotty For You special paper pack for only $5 at time of purchase. The papers are just awesome, so bright and cheery they are just perfect for spring and summer. I have mine and can't wait to get working on some projects. Don't forget that you also would qualify for the stamp of the month too, and these are both a limited time offer. So hurry and get yours today.
Thank you for joining me today. I sure hope you liked today's project. Thank you for your sweet sweet words of encouragement. your comments inspire me to continue sharing.
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