March 9, 2013

Easter Bunny Card Presented By Abby

Well ladies this is the card I displayed in the card party post and I received many emails requstin the Abby would come and show us how she made her card. I won't bother you with my chatter I will just move right into the video cause that is what you want to see anyway!

Now wasn't that cool? I love that Abby made a 5x7 rather than the A2 as it was much easier to see and understand what she was doing. I love how Abby took the time to explain how to get that little bunny to move. She was so kind too as I was the one holding up the party as I just wasn't understanding, of course I was sitting all the way across the table from her so I bet that had a lot to do with it!!! LOL These cards are just too cute.
 Here is a close up of our little Easter Eggs all decorated with the Bunny just hopping along. Aren't they just too cute?
 Here you can see the little bunny pulled out of the grass, it gives you a much better view of how it moves on the string.
This is a photo of me putting together my bunny at the card party..... Here you can see just how bad I was at following directions, I pulled my pring from the back instead of the front.
 Finally I got it worked out!
This is my card and Jennifer's from the party. Just like Abby said you can make any version you want and this is how the mechanics of the bunny works.

Here is a photo of Abby with her mother and my friend Anita, two beautiful women. I hope you enjoyed today's post and will give Abby a big thank you for joining us today and helping us make this adorable card! Thanks Abby, you are the best!
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