April 1, 2010

Spring Floral Background

I was walking through one of the craft stors and saw this awesome floral background for a scrapbook page and immediatly was going to buy but it was $9.95! I thought the store manager must have bumped his/her head to charge an outragious price like that and then stopped at the next craft store on the way into work it was $14.95!! I know I have seen these at HL for $2 was my first thought and that I thought was high but possible you know for all the cuts. Either way I wasn't going to pay so I designed my own 12x12 floral background!
This is my entry for the spring challenge on the Gypsy MB at Cricut.com. I love it and it can be printed in any color you want! See how cool it looks on My Gypsy Woman!
It takes 20 minutes to render for cutting and about 15 minutes for this cut to complete once it starts. Make sure you don't use a band new mat.... I am still cleaning that mat and oh the paper was sooooo pretty!
I used a patterned print and just can't wait to use this on a layout!
I think I will use a full page green and then various scraps for the floral centers.
And if you would like the Gypsy floral background file is available for you to download now and soon as I get PC on the line to help me reinstall my DS on my computer I will make the DS file available too. Check back next week for that.
Gypsy Floral Background File                  DS Floral Background File
I hope you enjoyed todays project and come back and visit real soon!
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