April 3, 2010

Bad Cut Turned Into Beautiful Card

I am so proud of this card! I cut it wrong not once but twice! and this is how I salvaged it...
Did you ever just place the paper on your mat wrong? Well I did it twice! The first time I couldn't even salvage anything so I stopped the cut. The second time I positioned the paper too high to make an A2 card so instead of the red and black thank you card we have a black and teal note card!
After realizing my error I took the other half of the teal paper from another card and cut a beautiful edge with my Martha Stewart punch. The straight cut just made it look unplanned and tacky.
And you know me, everything is on the run so yesterday I packed a little bag with all the components of this card. Notice the embossing is done and the ribbon is cut to size, flowers were included as a possible embelishment... I was good to go.
Well I worked through my lunch hour with the ladies so I heated my lunch, ate and then proceded to reach in the little bag and pull out the components I needed. Join me and we can finish this up lickty split!
First I glued the two main pieces together.
Then I added the ribbon on this little strip.
I adhered that to the front of the card and then made a little bow.
Then all that was left was to add the white paper on the inside so it would be easier to write on and place the little flowers on the inside.
Now was't that easy? I just hate to throw out those papers that I cut wrong and this is an excellent example why we need to take a closer look at how we can salvage a project.
I sure hope you enjoyed todays little card.
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Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. Your commets allways inspire me.
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