April 19, 2010

Hidden Message Mother's Day Card

Hello everyone.
This is Pam aka thebugbytes. Thanks SassyLady for inviting me on your blog. I have been here before but not as a designer and the experience is way different. For one there was no pressure last time. Just hope that I can live upto your and all you great readers's expectations.
I had designed a completely different card - an interactive card but it looked a lot similar to one of the designer's card here so had to switch gears and think of another one. Since Mothers day is looming near the horizon and I want to make one for my mom , I decided to do this. She is 76 and loves pastel shades . She is very intelligent and also quite active for a lady of that age. In fact in spirit she is much younger than me lol. So I decided to make  this card for a lovely beautiful gentle lady -"My Mom".
This card is called a hidden card by some and secret card by others as it has a secret panel for a special message. Do click on the photos to see them slightly enlarged

I designed the card on my Gypsy using George for the basic card cuts and for the embellishment images - of course the mother's day cartridge. The Gypsy file is available in my blog. If you do not have mother's day cartridge just delete page 3 and 4 (page for shadow) and then save . Do not cut  page 5 but use it to help you add images - the squares and rectangles will help you to size the image.
Here is a view of all the Gypsy file pages

I cut page 1 using classic K from  K&C. To cut page 2 use coordinating paper as this needs to be weaved in and you do not want the colors to clash. I found a lovely paper from Mariposa DCWV.
I have not added score marks as I tend to avoid them  if I can get away it.
I just folded my cut from page 1 into half

and then using the inner cuts as guide lined up and scored the quarters ie 2 more scores

 Then I folded the card like a M  using bone folder

Then opened I up the card and weaved the 2 pieces from Page 2

These are the cut pieces from page 2 but I found that I liked the other side better in one of them. I loved the butterflies , so I flipped one side over

Then wove one side like this under the centerpiece/panel on the left side

and the other piece over the center panel on the right side like this

So this is how the card looks inside -
1st page

Last page

 and when you grab hold of the middle panel ( the pink piece above) in the last page and flip to the right then you get to this page - the hidden page where you can add secret or private messages .

I used the cuts - stickled and glittered and blinged them  with pearls and then also decided to add some fun butterfly stickers from stickerpotamus which I don't know where I picked up from ( target or archiver's) as I did not like how one of the butteflies cut off in half like that. I just added some more pearls on the stickers  I also added more pearls on the front of the card after adding the paper lace border I had cut out (file page 3 ) and just tied a ribbon to close the card up. I slipped the ribbon under the pop darted medallion.
So here are the views. Note the butterflies and heart, because they are foil like stickers, look dark here but they are subtle colors and match up perfectly when viewing them real life.
Card fully open - see - you cannot see the private message this way

Inside pages embellished
1st  page - Since the butterfly was cut off , I added the butterfly sticker and put some pearls on the body .I also used a rubber/foam sticker and added a pearl. Yep - I went pearl crazy in this card

last page. That arrow is a huge hint to open the page. :)

The butterfly looks pretty and with lighter subtle colors in actual viewing but looks darker on the photo.
The hidden page

And a close up of the front with pearls and paper lace added and the medallion pop darted to give it dimension and also so that I can slide the ribbon for closing underneath

Hope you enjoyed this card. The file for downloading will be available in my blog The Bug Bytes under Files. If you do not have Mother's Day cartridge you cannot cut page 3 and 4 - so just delete the pages and add your own images using page 5 for sizing. Please do drop in to my blog if you have time.
Thank you and will see you all again next time..
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