April 26, 2010

Mothers Day Gift Bag & Matching Card All From Plantin SchoolBook!

Good Morning Everyone! Sheila here and I am so excited that my friend Pam invited me to be a guest designer at TheBugBytes.com today.  I hope you love this project as much as I do. With Mothers day just around the corner I decided to make a gift bag and matching card. But I love the clear bag look thanks to Cher when she did her Easter bags for Tuesday Treats in February. Pam has asked me to design from Plantin Schoolbook and I challenged myself to use only that cart! As you can see the lines are simple, Plantin is a wonderful cart. I did the bag as is and used the scalloped edging for my corners to hide the adhesive and keep it sturdy.
After cutting I paid close attention to the score marks and scored the entire bag using my score pal.

I used the bone folder to provide nice clean edges as you can see.
I used the tacky red tape to adhere the side and bottom together.
I used a box on the inside to push the glued edge down to make sure it was secure.
I turned out great! And I almost left it plain as I used the gold glitter toulle inside instead of tissue paper and it looks beautiful as is, but I wanted more. So I used the scalloped edging.
I made sure the pieces were scored and had a clean edge. I then ran the pieces through the Zyron and placed on the bag.
Again I used the box in the inside to be able to apply pressure and a secure fit.
The gift! Isn't it beautiful? I placed it in a little gold box so all you see is gold when you look at the bag. Shhh, don't tell my mother, she loves jewelry.
I found this little charm and attatched that to the front of the bag.
Now lets make the card.... also clear. I loved using a trancparancy.
Very simple, again score fold and red tape for the envelope.
This is the white paper to write your note to your mother. I am running it through the Zyron in this photo as I want you to see how easy and clean it looks on the sheet.
Look at this isn't it great you don't see adhesive at all as the coverage is perfect and all over clear.
I used the scraps from the glitter paper for Mother (Plantin again welded together). Altogether a 6x12 sheet of glitter paper, scrap of white and 2 transparancy sheet and a flower is all I used. The file I will give you does have flowers and leaves to make your own but I ran into a time problem and used a beautiful prima on my bag.
Again I ran the word Mother through the Zyron so it would be even and look good and I wouldn't have to back.
Now isn't that pretty?
You can give like this... with the card on the outside.
I prefered the charm on the front and the card on the inside back.
Like this...
Now doesn't this make a lovely Mother's Day Gift? I hope you all enjoyed todays project. This is the file for the Clear Sassy Bag and the file for the Clear Card. Here is the  DS Clear Sassy Bag file and the Clear Card File.
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