April 11, 2010

Cleaning Your Cricut Is Necessary Easy!

All of our cricuts seem to get a little goopy over time, so they need to be cleaned so glue doesn't get into the rollers and it continues to function properly. See even my spatula gets goopy.
And it is so simple... all you need to do is either use an alcohol wipe that you can pick up at the drug store or wallmart or just some alcohol and a paper towel. Just wipe it down and it's good to go. I do this every week or two and my E works just great!
Look how much nicer it looks now that all the dirt, dust and glue came off! When is the last time you cleaned your machine.
Hope you enjoyed this little reminder, but I'm sure you want to keep the machine in good working order for years to come.
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Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement. You comments continue to inspire me.
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