April 22, 2010

Road Trip Cards!

Well the Gypsy gives a whole new meaning to designing on the go! I designed many cute little cards while on our trip to Chicago last week and this is one of them. At first it was difficult getting in sync with the move of the truck but in no time at all I was having fun during the long stretches.  This is a quick photo of the comand center with My Gypsy Woman taking a little nap when I gook the wheel!
I sure missed everyone and will spend the next couple of days catching up to all the wonderful creations on everyone's blogs.... In the mean time a big thank you to Pam at Thebugbytes.com for graciously watching my blog while I was gone. She, Elizabeth and Becky all had wonderful designs that I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did.
After I got unpacked I started cutting and actually cut out 6 cards and bagged them individually to assemble when I had time.
So easy I just glued the layers together....
I even tried coloring in tires... and after putting on blog I straightened the coloring out as I noticed a few uneven spots. It just amazes me what I pick up in a photo that I miss in person... why is that?
We call this car "Red And Ready" in the car business.... just a little ad jargon.
Can you stand it? He looks so cute peeking out of the envelope doesn't he?
A little change of color and it looks like a girl giraffe!
Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. Your sweet commets always inspire me.
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