December 18, 2012

Santa's Sleigh - A Gift

Hey peoples - how is everyone.  It's Karon here, from Karon's Krafty Korner - to share some last little bit of Christmas inspiration here at She's a Sassy Lady.

I have been seeing these lovely sleighs with a box incorporated all over blog land - but I have yet (notice the yet!) to get hold of a Cameo - Father Christmas do you hear the little hint!

I decided to do it the old fashion way and this is what I came up with.

I used the Circut Cartridge Winter Woodland for the sleigh (page 53) cut at 3" (actual size is 3" high by 5.25" wide),  I cut the sleigh out twice normal and then flipped the image and cut out twice again.  Here is the screen shot.

The reason that I cut four sleighs, was to glue two together to give it that extra bit of strength - I don't have the deep cut blade to be able to use thicker materials.

After gluing two sleighs together, I then glued on the sleigh layer and then I ran this through my Cuttlebug with the Divine Swirls folder; only embossing the top part of the sleigh.

Now came my awkward part - making the box to attach to the sleigh.

First you will need (for this size sleigh - any bigger and you will have to work out the size of your box) a piece of card stock that is 7.5" by 6.5".

You will score the longest side at 2" and 5.5".

Next score lines on the shorter side, score at 2" and 4.5".

Now we need to shape the box.  So we are going to measure 5/8" up from the 2"/4.5" score line as below and mark with a little dot, then draw a line as below - please note the orientation and that you are making these lines on the longer edge.

Next you are going to cut off these pieces.

The next piece to cut is as below - again 5/8".

Next to cut your flaps ready to form your box.

And now we can make up the box by securing the flaps and there you have it.  A nice shaped box to attach your sleighs.

I used silver card to make up my box - all you need to do is then secure your sleighs to your box.

I then made a small box to go inside the sleigh - it measures 3" by 2" by 3" high.  I filled this with lovely chocolates and added a lovely bit of ribbon.  The holly was cut at 1" .

And that is it, all done and a lovely gift to share.

Thanks Sheila for having me visit each and every month.

I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas season and see you all again in the New Year.

Happy crafting.

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