October 29, 2013

Clementine Cards

The New Pattern
Howdy - Adrienne, guest designer from Eagle Canyon Arts and tickled pink to be here today.  Thanks so much to Sheila for inviting me to participate!  It is so much fun to be on the Sassy Lady design team.

My last post, Darlin' Birthday Card, detailed one card from the Close To My Heart Clementine Workshop on the Go cardmaking project.  Here are two more cards from that project.  For the list of supplies needed, see the link to the post above.  

For "The New Pattern" Card

Sponge all edges of card and pieces with saddle ink, stamp across middle with Creme Brulee ink.

Cut burlap ribbon as pictured.

Cut "Forever Friends" zip strip to fit card, sponging edges with Saddle ink.

Since the inside of this card is dark, I added a light piece for a personal note or stamped sentiment. 

The next card is "Gallery".

Sponge all edges of card and pieces with saddle ink.

Stamp and cut out the medium flower.

Remember the recent post about steam ironing a piece of paper?  The finished product is below, to be incorporated in this card.

For an added bit of texture, I ran the largest piece through my Big Kick using the "Dots" folder. 

Stamp sentiment with Sorbet ink on small piece.

In order to fit the sentiment on the piece on TWO levels,

use a piece of paper or post-it to "mask" half of the stamp when applying it to the piece.

Finished piece:

Here are all the pieces, ready to be assembled, including the large flower stamp.

The finished card, with some "bling", was perfect for our nephew on his birthday.

Thanks for joining me on this project.  If you have any questions, drop me a note.  Many blessings, Adrienne
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