October 24, 2013

Some Of My Favorite Things

Hello! Leah from Paper Blossoms here to share today. I thought it would be fun to share some of my very favorite products that I use nearly every time I create something. I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies, I am just a happy customer :)
A paper trimmer that cuts straight and clean every time is high on any crafter's list and I was no exception. I've had a few trimmers through the years but they always started giving crooked, messy cuts. So after a lot of research I decided to buy the newest version of the Cutterpillar Pro V.3 I LOVE it. It has a self sharpening blade which the company guarantees for life, is a full 12x12 cutting surface, has a drawer that opens and latches shut that can hold 12x12 paper and has an LED light strip that is fabulous for lighting up most all of the paper you will cut. (Darker colored paper the light won't shine through) I have been thoroughly impressed with this trimmer and I love that it has no paper guard. The paper is pushed up against the ruler at the top, which is very easy to read and see, and the gear driven blade is gently held in toward the cutter as you slide it down the rail and there is no movement of the paper so you get a nice clean, straight cut. Within just a dozen initial cuts my blade got even sharper and has no problem cutting through very thin pattern paper to heavy cardstock. The price tag is a bit higher but with no blades to buy and a quality design I doubt I'll ever have to purchase a new trimmer again!

My most favorite liquid adhesive is the Scotch Quick Dry. I love how little you need to use to adhere anything from buttons to sequins and twine and it dries clear. It adheres paper to paper very well too, and if you are sparing in how much you apply once it's dry there aren't any wrinkles. I've never had anything fall apart using this adhesive and I also love that it is USA made.
 I love these reverse hold tweezers from Tweezer Bee. They are set at a great angle that makes picking up small items easy and they are nice and sharp too which comes in handy for holding small items in place. One of my favorite things to use these for is placing sequins. They work so well!
I use to have a small corner rounder that worked okay but would not go through thicker cardstock. So I finally got the Corner Chomper. I love it! It goes through super thick cardstock and I really love that it has a paper catch for all those little corners you bite off. SO much less mess on my floor now!
Finally I wanted to share what basic sewing machine I have. It's called the Janome Baby Lock and it's a wonderful, very basic machine. When I purchased it I asked very specifically if it would be okay to use with sewing on paper and they said yes, no problem. It of course also sews fabric beautifully and the inside of the bobin case is metal which is what I was looking for as I wore out my Janome Sew Mini due to the case being plastic. A groove got worn into it and it would no longer sew. This machine has several stitches to choose from and some are very pretty! I have used it quite a lot on both paper and fabric and love the ease of threading it and the light it has.

I hope you enjoyed my brief product review! Maybe you've been looking for one of these and if you use or decide to purchase one let me know how you like it! Have a blessed day :)
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