March 21, 2015

Heather Makes The News

This is a great page showing how to scrap a newspaper article. Go get a cup of coffee or coke and join me as I show you how to put this page together.

The heading has letters that are welded together to make it easier to glue the letters down. Please watch the following video to show you how you can design you page right on the Cricut  Explore.

See how easy it is. After I get my page designed I do all the cutting. My workspace is right in front of my computer so it is easy to remember what I had in mind when I designed it.

See how just curling the flowers around a pen adds dimension to the page.

See it doesn't take long when you plan out what you are doing and follow through.

I like to mix up my tags by writing and typing them. I love looking back on my mothers hand writing and I think they will enjoy that later in life.

See how personal it looks if you handwrite.

This is my Heather. I hope you enjoyed today's post. Thank you for your sweet-sweet words of encouragement. Your comments inspire me. Have a blessed day.


Lisa said...

What a pretty layout, love the flowers and the handwritten journaling.