March 25, 2015

Private McShea

This is the last of my Army pages and I really had fun putting this together. I found this last photo of Jason and of course I wanted to use it. I am not used to putting just one photo on a page so for me this was a challenge. Join me today as I show you how to weld letters on the Explore and then put the page together.

See how easy this is? It make is so easy to handle when you put the page together too.

It is so much easier to put your pages together on the screen and then place it on the paper. You can move and adjust on the screen but you certainly can't if you have placed glue on the paper.

This is my journaling box and this is the only page of the three Army pages that I hand wrote. Easier to type but more sentimental to write.
Well I hope you liked today's post and learned a little something that will help you along. Thank you for your sweet-sweet words of encouragement. You comments continue to inspire me. Have a blessed day.


Sonya said...

What a handsome soldier...thank him for his service!! And a great page..well done!

Charlotte C said...

I never thought to use DS to lay out my page. Maybe now I'll get started b/c I'm really behind.

BethAnn M said...

This is wonderful, and such a nice memory for you and your family to have. I love the handwritten part, as it makes it all the more personal. Thank you.