March 7, 2015

Hide His Word In Your Heart

Good morning. I am so excited to share this with you today. My friend Amy of  May May Made It has a closed group on Facebook. It is called Hide His Word In My heART. Each week the group takes one Bible verses and puts it to paper in art form while memorizing the verse. Now many of you are from various backgrounds and religions, know that I am not trying to change yours. But, I am giving anyone that wants to memorize God's word a chance to do so. If you don't agree come back on Monday and it will be back to normal with many designers sharing their skills with you. Okay? Good.
This is a copy of my 9th week page. I am not really artsy, I joined as I wanted to learn God's word. So I use my Explore and it works great. I did 2 videos to help you learn how I put my pages together. The first will teach you to write your verse and size it on to the page as well as adding your artwork. See below.

Now see it wasn't that hard to design a page. Just think about and pray about it for a while and it will come to you. Then get on your computer and put it together. It took my 5 minutes to design.

Now see how easy it is to put together? And you got to see some of my other pages too.
I hope you enjoyed today's post. If you would like to join and study too just do a search on Facebook and ask to join. Thank you for your sweet words of encougagement. Your comments continue to inspire me.

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