March 16, 2015


“She” has become my new best friend – at least for stamping.  This is Charlotte C.  I am a stamper at heart, for those who don’t know (like probably everyone here).  Even though I am attached to my Cricut and Silhouette cutting machines, it was the introduction of stamps into my life that got me hooked on paper crafting.
MISTI stands for Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented.  It works with clear stamps and cling stamps (not wood block stamps).  This tool makes it easy to fix stamping mistakes by re-stamping precisely over the original stamped image, layer stamp images, line up stamps on die cuts, create borders with small stamps.  It takes the fear out of direct stamping on your project, and makes mass production so easy, and more.  This is what it looks like opened.
I got mine from – the inventor of this tool.   If you’ve ever stamped an image or a phrase and it did not turn out precisely as it should, you’ll understand my excitement over this tool.  How it works is to place your card stock flush in the corner,  put your stamp face down where you want to stamp, close the cover so it picks up the stamp, ink the stamp, close the cover – done.  Don’t move anything till you’re satisfied.  Just as an example, you can see the first stamping of “Let’s Celebrate” is not good where the bottom stars are.  I just re-inked, lowered the lid and stamped again.  Voila.

Another tricky stamping – lining up the stamp on a die cut, especially a solid background stamp as “Birthday Wishes.”  I’ve had these stamps for a while and could never get them lined up on the cuts from my Cricut so I didn’t use them.  Enter MISTI – piece of cake.  I used removable adhesive behind the die cut and adhered it to a piece of card stock which I positioned against the corner of the MISTI.

Little stamps line up around the edge of my panel by rotating my panel, first lining up my stamps with the longer sides of the rectangle, then the shorter sides.  We all have little stamps – here’s a way to stretch their use.
The ease of mass production is obvious.   Once you position your stamp where you need it on your card, you just keep inking and putting a new card in the corner of the tool.  I actually think what I did below can be mass produced, even if it is five stamps and seven stampings (say what?).   Just stamp one image with one color on all your cards first, then go to the next layer/color, etc.

But wait, there’s more!   If I’ve peaked your interest, please check out YouTube to see videos that cover much more – tips and trick and how to create stripes, etc.  Of course there’s videos by MySweetPetunia, but do check out the videos by Maureen Wong.  She will have you stamping in circles – literally. 
Thank you for joining us today, and thank you, Sheila, for having me here again.  I'm hoping to be back with another MISTI project soon (and maybe even better photography and finished cards!).
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