March 15, 2015

Jeremiah 29:11 Hisw His Word In My Heart Week 10

This week is a wonderful verse that I just love doing this page... except I did make an error but I left it as I had other projects that had to be done and I didn't notice until I had already posted on Facebook's Hide His Word In My heart group.  I had a hard time making this as the video will show but it did turn out ok.

See what I mean I didn't like the product I used. I should have used a Hodge Podge and then it would have been a little easier. Maybe someday I will do again.

This is just a little close up showing how the paper shined after it dried. Thank you for joining me today as I work out my memory verse for the week.
Thank you for you sweet-sweet words. Your comments continue to inspire me. Have a blessed week.


Charlotte C said...

So beautiful, Sheila.

Boopster said...

The song you're thing of is "Thy Word" by Amy Grant. Great pages in your book. The whole project is very inspirational. It would be fabulous for a Sunday School class. Wish I had known about it when you started - I would like to do a book like it. Thanks for showing it to us. SO beautiful and loaded with great techniques.