March 8, 2010

Baseball Purse & Box

Guest Designer Lori Apgar
I was in a Gypsy rut and SassyLady challenged me to make a box. Now, I have never made a box before AND I loaned my TBBM cart to a friend over a year ago. I got the cart a long time ago BE (Before Expression) and then was frustrated at how small things cut!! Well, SassyLady inspired me to make a box so I finally had a reason to get my cart back!!

I am a Baseball Mom and baseball season is just getting started, so I wanted to make a baseball themed box. I couldn't just make a box ~ I NEEDED to make a purse too!! One of my fellow Baseball Moms is a 5 year Breast Cancer Survivor, so this purse is dedicated to her. When our boys went to nationals at age 10, she had recently lost her hair from chemo. She proudly painted her head to look like a baseball and put all of the boys' jersey numbers on it for opening ceremonies. She wanted all of the other Baseball Moms to know that this can happen to Baseball Moms too - get your mamograms!!!

I used the purse on page 118 sized at 11.79 x 7.26. I used watercolor paper to cut out the purse with the multi cut set at 3.

I repeated the cut (no multi cut) with the baseball paper. I found this paper at Hobby Lobby from Paper Studio. I scored thw watercolor paper purse and the paper. I put the watercolor purse together and used tacky tape to stick it together. I trimmed off the flaps and bottom of the baseball paper and glued it to my box using my 5" Xyron.

From the Baseball Cartridge, I used Baseball at 2.40 x .68 and 2nd Base at 3.31 x .92. From Base Camp I used MOM at 1.39 x .58 and SAVE at 2.01 x .85. I cut these words out of pink cardstock.

I used my Xyron 1" sticker maker to adhere Baseball Mom to the front flap and Save 2nd Base to the back of the purse. I used pink acrylic paint and a foam brush to ink the edges. I added a ribbon handle, some boa trim (to make it Sassy!) and three crystals to the flap.

Baseball Box:
I wanted to make a basic box. I cut out the box on page 119 at 11.96 x 9.29. I used watercolor paper to cut out the box with the multi cut at 3. I repeated the cut just once with the same baseball paper as the purse. I scored both the watercolor paper and the baseball paper.

From the Baseball cart, I cut out the scoreboard at 2.82 x 2.71. I also cut out all three layers of the baseball at 1.15 x 1.11. I cut out the numbers for the score board from Base Camp. I had to rotate the numbers in order to determine the best size. I originally cut the numbers out in the regular font option in white paper. I changed to black letters and also to the shadow option. The regular font was too delicate. I decided not to put the baseball paper behind the score board, so white was not going to show up!

I cut out the HOME RUN from Base Camp in regular and shadow. I rotated the shadow letters around the blackout baseball shape. I welded HOME RUN around the ball.

I arranged the pieces on my mat by color, placed the paper on the mat and cut. I used green for the score board, red for the baseball, black for the blackout baseball, white for the numbers (originally) and the shadow ball and blue (for my son's team)for the letters.

I assembled the box and used tacky tape to adhere it together. I used my 5" Xyron to adhere the score board to the front of the box. I cut apart the pieces of the box from the baseball paper and used my 5" Xyron to adhere the paper to the remaining three sides. Originally, I was going to put the baseball on the opposite side of the scoreboard (back of the box) but I liked it better on the top. I lined the inside of the top flap with the baseball paper. I tied a ribbon on the inside of the box to make a handle. I planned on inking the edges in brown, but really liked the clean look of the box ~ so I left it!!

Thank you SassyLady for the inspiration and for the opportunity to guest design on your blog!! You are so talented and it is an honor to be here!!
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