March 29, 2010

Tea For 2

This is the other project I made for the Gypsy Jumped Over The Moon.... Isn't it cute? Notice how I stretched the 2 and squished the TeaFor? An A2 card made from 3 sheets of paper. The cardstock below is from Stamping Up but I felt it wasn't heavy enough for a card so I back 1 sheet with a light cardstock.
I had to fold these a couple of ways so you could see easier... 4 designs all the same shade!
I really put a lot of adhesive on the cardstock to make sure it held. Then I just glued the rest of the pieces on.
I added stickels on the teapot so it now matches the one in my China cabinet....
And I love how the little heart buttons pull the color out and add a little dimension!
Sure hope you like todays project. I enjoyed spending a little time with you. This is the Tea For 2 Gypsy File. Registered & Protected
Thank you for your sweet words, they always encourage me.
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