March 22, 2010

Fixing Up A Goof

About 2 months ago I designed this card on my Gypsy..... Shame on me I goofed and measured wrong for an A2 envelope and I made my card too small. I was going to send this to my friend Pam at TheBugBytes but didn't. Let's face it you can't send a fellow crafter a card that didn't fit the envelope properly! She has been so helpful to me in setting up my blog! I wanted her to have something really nice... this didn't fit, so I threw this card aside and sent her another.... Well last night while cleaning out and repacking my messenger bag I came across this card and thought it is just too pretty to toss and I had too much time into it.  Soooo....
This is how I salvaged the card. First I cut the entire top off as you can see. Then I used my Zip Dry Glue by applying a good amout to the back as all the stickle on the front left the card lumpy looking.
I glued it to a solid sheet of paper as shown, and waited for it to dry. It left a hard edge between the two papers so I stickled the pink paper with pink stickles right up to the edge of the white. Then the word friend looked funny to me so I put pink stickles on that too! I used a couple of left over flower and glued them to the back of the envelope and stickled them with white diamond to match the flowers on the card. That made the letters stand out more and gave it a uniform look on the front. Sometimes when I goof something up I just keep playing with it until it becomes acceptable!
All the papers from this card are from Stampin' UP,  my friend Barb at the Snowman Paperie. I hope you get a chance to go by and visit her. This was from her valentine package that I can't remember the name of. Beautiful paper as you can see.
I am learning to make cards, and for some reason I find them a lot more difficult than full page layouts. I will redo this file on my Gypsy and do another card like this one as I love the design so dainty and fragile.
I wonder if you are like me.... you just can't throw it out if there is and way to salvage a project. I hope you like today's little project! I look forward to your comments..... This is the fixed Friends card Gypsy File I will add the DS file when computer gets back from the shop (remember the white will be the size of an A2 with an inlay in the window)! Registered & Protected
do you feel the same way or would you have tossed the card?
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