March 23, 2010

CARDS - CARDS - CARDS - 7 In All And All From Scraps - ALL ON THE RUN!!!

These are scraps from the last month that I pulled out of my messenger bag. I have been carring them around thinking I need to do something with them yet with out some cutting from my cricut I was overwelmed. I think by now you know I hate to thow out my scrapbook page scraps soooo this it what I did. I dot out My Gypsy Woman and started cutting....
I packaged each indivdual card in a zip lock bag complete with ribbon and in some instances an envelope to match.
I completed 7 little card kits and salvaged the card that I posted yesterday from my bag too. I took 2 hours to clean my bag, cut the cards, bag them and reorganize my  'little bag of tricks' so I was ready to scrap on the run. My bag was complete with adhesives and stickles so I was ready to go.
This is all that is left from that large pile of scraps. I will just add them to my scrap box for another day.
So here are my cards.... from my March Calendar... and the little birdie is from the Stampin' Up Spring Bundle kit I got from Barb at Snowmanlovers Paperie.
This Card and mathing envelope is from the left over paper from the pillow box from MyaMagoo at Design~Create~Inspire.
This little birdie card is from Barbs at the SnowmanLovers Paperie' Spring Bundle from Stampin' Up.
Another card from the scraps from the pillow box.
I used the Forever Young Cart on this card and the paper is again from Barb, this time the Valenting Bundle.
This card is from the leftovers from the Birmingham Zoom Bird page I did a couple of weeks ago... love the DCWV Animal Crackers Stack! This was the only whole bird left on the sheet after I took the piece for the card so I cut him out and placed him on the front of the envelope!
And the flower is leftover from the Circle challenge on the Gypsy message board.
This card had leftovers from the family page and the valentine bundle and when the glue finished drying it just rolled off.
I hope you like all the cards I did today. It took an hour to put the 7 cards together after I had spent another 2 planning, cutting and cleaning up. It was a lot of fun and I feel like I really accomplished a lot. I challenge you to take a second look at those scraps and USE them. We are continually buying paper which is fine, I know I can always use more, but I have more room for at least 2 nice flat packs after getting rid of a big messy stack! Isn't it time you did the same? Registered & Protected
I look forward to you comments and suggestions, I am always encouraged by your sweet words and kindness.
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