March 28, 2010

ItsyBitsy Spider - Gypsy MB Challenge

This is my entry on the Gypsy Jumped Over The Moon challenge this week. We were to use a nursery rhyme and stretch and squish artwork.. I made the spider wider and the letters taller and narrower, the spider web taller and the NOT I welded and squished down. 
Just so you have the background my handsome hubby and I moved into a brand new home 4 years ago. We did not know that the brown recluse and black widow loved the house more than us! Even though we had an exterminator that came monthly... it wasn't enough. Hubby was bit on the foot a month before I and had to take medication to stop an infection or further complication. I had the exterminator out again and 3 days later I got bit! Needless to say I have a new exterminator and I haven't seen a spider in my home since he took over 7 months ago.... We love you Chad!
Below are the papers I chose and they match the pictures color wise.... when I reprint it will look better!
I stickled the string holding the spider and it's web.
And I made sure I journaled this.... amazing this is only about 30 hours after I initially felt something on my neck. I was nervous about seeing the doctor.
A better shot of the web....
My flowers were from the leftovers, and I did what Jen told me keep a good supply of black flowers for the inside and she was right!
Sure hope I didn't creep you out with my little nursery rhyme! Registered & Protected
Thanks for spending a little time with me today. I look forward to hearing from you... your sweet words always encourage me.
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