September 18, 2011

Altered Chocolate Box

Hi ya everyone!  This is Melissa from Melissa Made and I'm sharing a little altered box I made with you today.  I missed a very special friends (*wink *wink) birthday and I just simply had to go over the top with something for her.  I had a Godiva Chocolate box that was empty but the box itself had a unique shape.  I kept it for altering.  I painted the entire thing with Gesso which is an acrylic primer paint.  I then used a tan acrylic to paint the outside.  I covered the majority of it with some beautiful papers and flowers.  I created a video describing some of the simple things I did.
After finishing the box I filled it with all sorts of little goodies for her!  I hope she enjoys it and you do too!
Here are a few more pictures of the dimension.

If you are interested in any of the products please watch the video as I talk about where I got them!  Thanks for letting me share today Sheila - have a great day and please stop by my blog Melissa Made for more fun projects!
I love comments and questions too - so please feel free!

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