August 28, 2013

Teddy Bear Invasion 101

Hi Friends!  Sandy from Scrapbook Blessings here to show you another card tutorial for She's a Sassy Lady.  I have been on a teddy bear kick lately and was inspired (link is below) to make every bear on the Teddy Bear Parade cart from Cricut. So I wanted to show you my little tips in making a lot of diecuts for future projects in a short time.

Here is my Inspiration Bear...

So let the teddy bear assembly line begin!!!!

  • You need a bear (cut at 3"), glue pen, black scrap card stock, pink and tan color pencils, white gel pen, black sharpie

  •  Using the sharpie marker, fill in the nose, draw the mouth and the ear creases all following the cut lines on the die cut

  •  Flip the bear over and adhere a piece of the black card stock over the eye holes (tip: no one is going to see the back so you don't need to waste paper and cut another place bear in black unless you want a shadow, just use scrap pieces. I do this ALL the time)

  • Using the color pencils to color in the ears and muzzle (tip: if you are doing a lot of die cuts that have little pieces, try to find another medium to create the details ie: pencils, markers, stickles, etc). I think the color pencils give the bears a softer, "fuzzy" feel

  •  Using a distress marker or fine tip marker, draw the muzzle line that you see on cuddly little creatures. and the while ink gel pen to for the eyes and nose. I think it gives the bears a little dimension (tip: the BEST for details is pigment ink white pen by Singo. I have tried others and they just leave me frustrated)

 There you go a ton of little bears for my parade.  This is a great idea for mass quantities for any die cuts.

Now all I have to do is put my little guys and girls into a baggie and as I want to make a card, just pull one out and decorate. (Tip: save your die cuts, even the "mistakes" like the wrong size or color, etc. Put them in a baggie and toss them in your embellishment/sticker draw. When you want to do a quick card, pull one out and there you have instant die cut without getting your machine out)

Here is my little example bear made into a card. He is the New Year Bear.

This guy was made by my little girl. She was watching mama make these and I just couldn't be stingy, lol. So I gave her one to decorate. Using my scrap pieces, she designed his outfit.

Here are a couple of other cards that I have recently posted on my blog for My Crafting Channel Teddy Bear Series.

Hope you have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by,
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