September 4, 2012

Making Pages With Many Photos Can Be Challenging

Recently I made a quick trip to Chicago. Hubby and I only had the weekend to spend and we used our time wisely. The first day was spent with friends for their 50th wedding anniversary. But the photos you are seeing is with family! And I had to use all the photos because that was what was important to me. We had such a lovely day together. After church we had lunch and then a leisurely afternoon just playing around and visiting... it was wonderful and I cherish this day. But how to scrap them was a challenge as we did everything and nothing all in one beautiful day.
Fortunately with Close To My Heart's Studio J digital scrapbooking program it made it easy. All I had to do was upload the photos I wanted, choose the paper and then pick a layout. From there all I did was drag the photo into the little photo box and type my journal entry. In less than an hour this page was complete! I love it.

Look at these precious faces I love each and every photo I took and I didn't have to leave any out, isn't that wonderful? Studio J made it easy and it is so afforable to print. A 5 Pak is 5 double pages and it is only $39.95! You can't beat that and the quality is wonderful, I just love how each and every picture turns out beautiful! And it is great for times like this in my life where I have no time to stop and scrap the traditional way yet I don't want to get behind in my pages! Yup, I just love this option for my current lifestyle.

Here is how the pages look side by side.
I hope you enjoyed today's post. I enjoyed sharing my family photos with you too. Have a blessed day.
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