June 10, 2010

Canvas Room Decoration

Good Morning this is Barb from Crafty Girl and I am soooo excited to be making my big debut here at She's a Sassy Lady!! I have learned so many things from all of the other Sassy designers... I just hope I can inspire you a wee bit too!! Normally I am a LO kind of girl!! I love my photos and I love to scrap them. However, I am going to do something completely different today!! I made a canvas wall hanging for my daughters room and I really like the way it turned out... so I thought I would share it with you!! It has become a fun project in our house and we are making them like crazy!!

I started out with a plain white canvas that I picked up at Big Lots for $3!! Gotta love that price!! The canvas I used was a 9 x 12 but they have other sizes. I covered the canvas with a layer of pink acrylic paint. I wasn't real careful with my painting and I shaded in a little white paint too.

While the paint was drying, I cut out several of my daughters favorite fashion words (after all, she IS going to be a fashion designer some day!!) using the Forever Young Cartridge. I used Mod Podge to secure them to the canvas. I applied the words to the outer edges of the canvas because I wanted to keep the middle part open for the monogram letter I would be adding later!

The background for the monogram was cut out using the emblem button on page 71 of the Forever Young cartridge. I added some Glimmer Mist to the black piece of cardstock to give it a little sparkle! After adding the large L and some gems and stickles to the green cardstock it was ready to be assembled. I pop dotted each layer to give it some dimension. (There are pop dots under the green layer and the black layer. The L was glued directly on to the black cardstock.) I then started to lay out some of the shadows that I had cut to see how I wanted to arrange them. I wanted to cover parts of the words but not so much that you couldn't tell what the word said.

One by one I started to layer all the pieces together. My daughter is all about bling and sparkles so I added as much as I could!! The top of the lipstick is covered with pink Stickles and I added Stickles and a gem stone to the flower accent.

Because my daughter really is into fashion, I tried to make the dress as realistic as I could. I added some silver trim to the bottom of the skirt and added more Stickles and gems.

I would love to say that I planned for the purse to have the pattern perfectly centered on it but I have to be honest... I was just plain lucky on that one!! I thought it looked great the way it was, I only added a single flower to it!!

Here is the nail polish bottle. I added stickles first to give it some bling, then I covered the stickles with Clear Accents to give it the look of a nail polish bottle.

And finally.... you have the final product!!

I also made this one with my daughter for her teacher. I let Lauren design it the way she wanted it!! She even chose the bright red background color!! She is so excited to give it to her teacher at the swim party today!!

I hope you enjoyed my projects and maybe even learned a thing or two!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Barb :)

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