June 23, 2010

Tbird's 4th of July Banner

Hi there, Beth here from Thundbirdlindybydesign.  I am happy to be back on She's a Sassy Lady.  My Project this month was inspired by some Rosettes I picked up at a craft store by Making Memories.  I thought how cute and easy these would be to recreate for a banner for a Birthday, Valentines day, etc.  Since I had just purchased the Independence Day Cricut cart, an idea came to me for a 4th of July Banner using the Rosettes.  So let me show you how to make these Rosettes and use them on a project.  You will need some basic supplies.
Card Stock in various colors for your project
Crepe Paper
Carts of your choosing, I used Independence Day, Birthday and Holiday Cakes, Mother's Day,Serenade.
Any carts will work as long at they have a scallop circle, a triangle that can be used as a banner, and scallops or a circle.
Silver glitter glue
Gypsy or Design Studio
needle and heavy thread, or a sewing machine.

Start with a 12" long piece of Crepe paper cut to approx 1" wide, and a 12" long ribbon(the ribbon you choose should be narrower then 1".  Using the glitter glue on one edge of the crepe paper apply along the length.  Let dry.  For the next part, I used my sewing machine, because it is faster, but a needle and heavy thread would work great also.  With the sewing machine and your stitch set to it's longest length, sew the ribbon and the crepe paper together down the side without the glitter glue.

Here is a picture of the front and the back sewed together.  Due to drying time, my pic does not include the glitter.

Next take one thread on one side and gently gather the crepe paper.

Previously, I had cut several scalloped circles in different colors using my Cricut.  Next I glued the gather crepe paper/ribbon to one of these scallops.  You will have to adjust your crepe paper into a pleasing circle, trimming any excess crepe paper/ribbon away.

Here is the finished rosette with addnl bling added on top.

For my project, I made 6 rosettes total.

Next I cut letters out of thin chipboard to a height of 2", I spread a layer of glue over them and applied glitter.  Let dry.  Then with the Mother's day cart, I cut 14 banner triangles at approx 5x5.5".  Glue the glittered letters to the center of the banner triangles one letter per triangle.

There wasn't enough dimension to this banner so I took an image of the triangle and with my Gypsy welded the scallop from the basic cake cart to make a scalloped triangle.  This image is 6.5x6.8.

 I cut addnl images from Independence day and A child's year, layered and added to the top of my triangles.  Finally I took my remaining ribbon and threaded it through the holes I made on both sides of the banner so I could string my letters together.

Here are the finished pictures.  I had to take 3, it wouldn't all fit into one.

The above pictures don't do it justice, it really looks great all together.

Here is an up close of the individual letters.

I hope you enjoy looking at this project as much as I enjoyed making it.  See you in August.

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