November 5, 2010

Butter to my toast - KISS

Hello this is your friendly neighborhood Pam from The Bug Bytes Sassily  today :) on Sassy
Oops forgive me . Spiderman has been stuck in my mind seeing all the spiders hanging around after Halloween.

I still have not completely recovered :) but decided to craft anyway. The main culprit which put me here is also helping me out now  - yes - My Imagine.
With limited supplies (same old story as for TuesdayTreats) I decided to make a card for my honey bunches who has been taking such  good care of me. It is not easy doing Indian cooking let me tell you especially vegetarian cooking but hubby is even cooking dinner after a tired day at office. Poor thing. So here is a simple card with my Imagine and my new bounty - Katie's Kitchen.
So from Pam's kitchen using KISS (way to go Nicole - your technique - Keep IT Sweet n' Simple ) here is a card

the inside

Now for the specifics

The pattern paper  is from Katie's Kitchen too. I just took a bonus content image (from pg 29 in the book - middle one for those having imagine) which was square and had some pattern and  flood filled it with another pattern (pg 36 -left one) .Simple ain't it without worrying about adding square and etc etc. I set the size to 10.5 square. Didn't mind the extra paper which I was going to cut out of it as right now I am eyeballing things with the way things are with Imagine
Then I took the toaster image (on pg 13 top) chose to layer. Cool thing I found out  was (well can't blame me if it is already out there but I got my Imagine after all the replacement's just now and have to still do some serious playing . Well.if I choose layer and edit the first image itself (the combined one) and choose to add (if you change patterns come back and select the 1st combined one) - it adds all the layers so that prevents me from going to each layer and setting the size which with this update is cumbersome as it sets the size back to 2.0 and we have to keep changing . Yeah!!
That was it. I decided to add to also use images from pg 26 and 27 (top ones) the list ones. I  used the 1st layer one from page 26 for front of card to add my sentiment (Toast & butter - poor honey he was really toast this week taking care of me and managing kids and going to office)  in my handwriting and the 2nd layer - just inked edges with  red momento markers and added it to the back with the pg 27 list.
Of course what I write in there will be for my honey's eyes only :).
I added a ribbon and stuck it in with fabric glue after tying a knot and then took 2 square green brads (manly - square - get it?  :) ) and distressed it with sandpaper.
Oh I forgot the toaster image does not cut out with white - but since I needed to pop it up I just traced around the completed image on the left over paper and used my handy dandy scissors.Since I had used white paper this time I used distress linen and smudged it around and then popped the toaster image.Also with the same momento red marker which i used to write the sentiment made some f 'aux stitching around the label/list
So hope you enjoyed my simple K.I.S.S card!!
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