November 7, 2010

School Projects

School projects are so much fun but even more so when 3 of us get together and mix in craft elements a Gypsy and a Cricut.... Now that adds up to a lot of fun!!! Meet my little Sydney, she is in first grade and needed to complete her school project on Spider Webs. Her teacher wanted to give the children an opportunity to feel different textures.
Well here I am after my Sunday nap with Sydney (don't laugh at my funky sleep hair). Every Sunday after church I change into my grubs and take a little nap and I love it after a hard week, you should try it as it is really refreshing. Oops back to the project Sydney was busy writing facts about webs on the poster board.

This is her Mommy, my daughter Jennifer helping.
The project was started with Sydney spraying glitter on the spider web. The big web had a heavy texture to it as it was made of felt and was actually a table runner that we stapled on the poster board. This made the web glisten. The two little black items on the grass are spiders from Doodle Charms.
Then Sydney got the white web material that you see all over during Halloween and spread that out to also apply to the poster.
The ribbon was also a black lace material woven in the shape of spider webs. Jennifer used my pink ATG to adhere the white webs to the board.
Sydney learned how to use the Xyron by running a spider through it and then we place a string on the glued area and covered it with the other side of the spider so that it had a front and back. In the photo above I am showing Sydney how to use tweezers to place the google eyes on it.
Here she is placing the little google eyes on him, she put two on each side.
Here is the poster almost completed. After looking at it she decided she needed a bug as she learned the purpose of the web is to catch bugs for the spider to eat.
Here is Sydney working my Gypsy Woman!!!
She used skittles for the top of the bug.
Close up of her beautiful face, she looked up just as I clicked.
Our completed bug! Isn't he handsome?
And Mr. Spider says yummy lunch is served!!! YUCKY!

We finished the afternoon off with some SPOOKY ORANGE hot chocolate with plenty of frothy whip cream on the top. It looked like a witches brew with the steam coming up!
Well I hope you enjoyed today's family project, we sure enjoyed having you in our home. Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement, I know Sydney will be thrilled with your comments!
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