November 20, 2010

Gypsy Made Simple - Tilting Makes Great Titles

Welcome to another Gypsy Made Simple. This week we will learn a technique that is great for titles. You will learn how to tilt the individual letters and/or adjust them individually to make an attractive title. Let's face it not everything in life is on the straight and narrow sometimes we like to just mix things up a little and this technique will help you do that. I am a firm believer that if you don't like the way it looks, change it. And, that is just what we will do today.

In this first video you will learn to tilt and even slant your letters to get the effect that you want. This is so easy yet is another one of those must learn features so you can create to your fullest potential.

Now in this video you will learn how to make your title up and down instead of just right to left. I like to use this is I have a space problem or many photos. The possibilities are endless. It is a little time consuming but well worth the effort.

This is a FUN technique and so simple to do. Using your Cricut Markers with your Gypsy. The main thing you must remember is DO NOT UNLOAD YOUR MAT between writing and cutting and you will be fine. The effect is so awesome and well worth the little extra effort in making your title.

I stated in the video that my pressure was on 2, it can also be set on 3. See what a great job our Cricut Markers do.
Now when loading or unloading your marker be sure to ALWAYS pt a little piece of paper under it so it won't mark on your paper or machine.
When replacing your blade housing make sure your have the little arrow out so you can see what your blade depth is set at and for future setting with ease.
Remember ALWAYS RETURN TO DESIGN after using your marker so it will cut accurately.

See it goes right over where the marker just did for a perfect cut.
Isn't that wonderful! I just love how these titles turn out when they are welded together like this, don't you?
Justin and Gavin are such cuties and these two pages were so easy to make.

All I used was a title on this page and our little Gavin and big brother Justin just loved it! See how those letters just pop off the page, yup well worth the effort. (Sorry the color is a little off as I took the photo with poor lighting).
Now wasn't this easy? Can't you see this done on a few of your layouts? Or maybe just a HoHoHo on a Christmas card. This week I challenge you to make a title tilting or slanting your words and then make a project with it. If you have the Cricut markers use them, if you don't that is OK. Just make a little project while this is fresh in your mind. Then post it on my blog with the Linky tool provided. Lets see how many we can projects we can get posted this week for this easy challenge.

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