November 26, 2010

Making Ornaments With My Grandchildren

Well ladies this accidently posted a couple of weeks early, I haven't even typed in what I was going to say. Just shows you I make lots of mistakes. Please check out Cheryl's BEAUTIFUL post after this as I accidently posted on top of her.
Above you will find my beautiful grandchildren Justin on the left, Gavin and Sydney on your right. After Thanksgiving dinner was over we cleared the counter and laid some old garage towels out to prevent my counter being stained with paint and then turned the children loose.

Every year I get Ornament kits for them at Hobby Lobby and after dinner is done and before the desserts are served we make ornaments and the children just love getting ready to put their trees up during the holiday weekend. See even little 2 year old Gaving joins in. He was so serious, and wouldn't put down the brush till the other two had finished.
Justin started by making lines on his ornament and then used the various colors in between.
This is my counter that I always craft on and my daughter Jennifer joined in on the fun and painted Sydney's name on her ornaments.
I held the ornament for Gavin to paint and the paint was just flying!
Justin showing off a finished ornament.
Sydney working hard on one of hers.
Gaving finished covering his so he got to paint a wooden gingerbread man too.

Here are some of their finished ornaments. Gavin top left, Justin on the right.

Sydney on the left and Gavin on the right. We had so much fun and wanted to know what they could do next year!
Hope you enjoyed today's post. I know the children would love your encouragement and cherish your comments. Have a blessed day!
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