March 27, 2011

ATC Cards Collected In Dallas

I am so excited to share these wonderful wonderful cards that I collected in Dallas. They are just awesome and these ladies put a lot of work into their cards and so much talent. I know as I made 150 to take and it took forever!
I did 3 videos and went through every card I recieved telling you each of their message board names and the blog address if they have one. And if you are like me you won't want to miss any of these talented ladies blogs so I even typed their address for you.
Pay close attention to them as I am sure you will want to make some cards for your self to trade at your area swarms and crops. But more improtantly I know you will want to join us next year for all the fun!

Note I mention in this video that somethings I recieved didn't make it.... they will eventually as my cousin Bonnie is so kind to ship 3 boxes to me as my bags were over weight with all the goodies we received.

I thought I would make life a little easier and typed the blog addresses for you! Be sure to check these blogs out as I am sure you will enjoy and learn something from these talented ladies.

Melissa at
Pam at
Janet at
Sharon at
Cassie at http://scrappycassie.blogspot/
Cindy at
Karen at
Dona at
Elizabeth at
Keri at
Maria at
Roberta at
Robin at
Tina at
Velma at
Linda at
Renee at
Vanessa at
Pam at
Laurie at
Kristen at
Beth at
Kim at
Rechelle at
Jenny at
Carolyn at
Julene (Softbrn) at
Tracy at
Carolyn at
Kathy at

If any of you are interested in one of my cards I have 23 left from the Texas Stampede I would be happy to mail 1 to you if you too are a ATC card collector. Just email me at and will mail until I run out of cards.
I sure hope you enjoyed todays post and will come back soon as we have new designs daily. Thank you for your sweet sweet words of encouragement. Your comments continue to inspire me.
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