March 19, 2011

Packing Your Craft Bag For A Crop Or Swarm

I hope you are enjoying this video. Know that I am in Dallas right now with all the goodies that you will see in my wonderful craft bag. I did move my Cropodile into my suitcase as it was so heave and I didn't want to take any chances of my bag weighing over 50 pounds and paying additional for it. I am flying Southwest so I am able to check two bags and it is a direct flight so I should be in good shape. At the last minute we decided my baby bug would be OK in my suitcase so i just packed my clothes around it and it should be fine. I did place a lightweight Creative Memory bag in my case just in case either bag was over so that I could carry on if need be. Normally packing for a crop or swarm you don't have to worry about the weight of your bag so this was a real task trying to take just enough to accomplish your goals but not too much to pay even more money.

I was going to list all the items I carried in my bag, instead I ask that you just take a couple of minutes and watch the video as there is a lot... too much for me to list in a short space. Sorry a couple of items are off camera.... I tried to get it all in.
Don't you just love going to a crop or a swarm? It is so much fun visiting with your friends and sharing time with people that have the same interest as you. I just can't wait to share all the fun times with you and I will spread them out over the next couple of weeks on Saturdays as we have a very full line up for you in March that you are sure to enjoy.
Thanks for joining me today, I sure hope I helped you to decide what you will take on your next crop or swarm. And as always thank you for your sweet sweet words of encouragement. Your comments continue to encourage me to share with you.
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