March 23, 2011

Dallas Photos

Well ladies Dallas was WONDERFUL!!! Tammy did such an awesome job of running and coordinating this swarm that you just couldn't help but feel special. I only wish she had coordinated my flight too and I am sure it would have been perfect too. The only regret I have is not taking enough photos but I do want to share with you the ones I did take as they are so special to me! I already plan on going next year and I hope to meet you there!
Here is Teressa Collins, Shannon, Cindy Royal, Pam and myself. This was Friday night at the circle meeting after dinner. Do you believe I got to meet all these scrapping stars?

Here is our little group of four from left to right; Pam of  The Bug Bytes, Elizabeth of 217 Creations, myself, and Melissa of Melissa Made. I can't even tell you how excited I was to finally meet in person eash one of these ladies, they are all so special to me. This is one of Pam's photos that she was nice enough to share with me!

These are some photos of the wonderful scrapping room that was open around the clock. The only time we weren't in it was meal time! It was just amazing to see all the beautiful creations that people did. Some people even decorated their tables and room doors!

This is my friend Melissa of Melissa Made and she was my room mate.... poor thing had to put up with me all weekend. She is such a sweetie!
And my friend Pam from The Bug Bytes. I cant' tell you how tickled I was to finally meet her in person and spend time with Pam. She is a wonderful lady and I look forward to seeing her again next year!
And look I even got to meet Tracy from Craft Junkie Too! Lovely lady it was wonderful meeting you.
And here is Karen aka Flywhistle, such a wonderful southern lady.
And look I even got to meet Linda, the Tulip Collector!
These are such great photos, I just have to share them with you all.
And this photo I stole off Pam's blog! I figured ah, what the heck I am in it and knowing Pam she won't mind. We had soooo much fun together I can't wait till next year! I have only 1 regret for the trip... I did not take enough photos!
Tammy of Creative Critters and her crew did a fabulous job of organizing and running this event and I will return may I urge you to go next year too!
Thanks for joining me today, I sure hope you enjoyed the photos and thank you for your sweet sweet words.
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