March 1, 2011

Getting Ready For Dallas

Well with the help of my wonderful daughter Jennifer I was able to get 80 Trading cards done on Sunday and believe me when I tell you this was a feat in itself. You see we have been sick since we got back from vacation so hubby and I decided to go to the 'doc in a box', you know the local emergency care facility that is not the hospital. Well we spent all morning there with blood workups, swabs, and xrays we walking away knowing we have very bad sinus infections. So two shots in the keister and 3 scripts later we walked out.
He wants me to share that his infection was the worst the doctor had seen! Well I told him that was nothing they bent the needle when they gave me the second shot! Oh man did that hurt. He agreed that was bad. Well hubby went on to bed but I went to work cutting so we would have cards to assemble when Jen got to the house at 3.
This is just one of the pages that had to be cut. I had, front back and then the Sassy Lady words to go on the top. Cuts like this take a long time to ready for cutting so if you are doing multiple cuts try to make them in a row to help save yourself time.
I made little stacks of the various sides and colors. We had front, back, clear acetate centers and then Sassy Lady for on top.

This is my Jennifer, she came straight from work where she had to take a special class.... yup on a Sunday fortunately she was able to do the class after church. But she jumped right in to help.
This is one of the first completed ones.... aren't they cute. I have to admit the cut is not as clean as I normally have but the detail was great and the glitter was not cooperating with my machine. They are what they are and I am so thankful we got as many done as we did.
Here is another, don't you just love that glitter paper? And look you can see right thru the acetate too.
Jen wasn't too crazy about working with the glue and you can see by now she has gone home changed and we had dinner brought in from the local Chinese restaurant. Nothing but the best! LOL You should see my kitchen it looks like someone dies in it!
Here we are assembling the stacks of goodies.... I did shoot a quick photo off to Melissa to check out as I knew she was home working on her cards too.
See two pink ATG's as I brought my one from work home so we could work as fast as possible. Let me tell you they are the best!
Jen held up her favorite..... she like the purple front and it did turn out cute. We sere so hot we had a fan blowing on us too cool off. It got up to 77 today and I was sweating out this silly infection.
See I look like I melted. But, we kept going as you can see from the background it is now dark outside. We have had our dinner and hubby has gone to bed again but we were like little Ever Ready Bunnies!
After I had the little cards put together I still had to put my name on the card and photo. So I ran off labels and cut them apart and individually put them on. I am still working on this step.
This is what the back looks like on the cards.
Jen got a hold of my camera and took a couple of photos.... this is the only one I will show you.
And here you go this is what a completed card looks like. I started around 1:00, Jen jumped in at 3 and we kept going through the last cut at 9:30. We assembled until 10 and called it a day with 80 Trading Cards! Now I still have more to go but I will have to cut when I can and Jen is going to come over while I am at work to put them together. I am afraid I will not have enough cards for the swarm. I figure if I can get 125 I will be happy.
Thanks for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed today's project and urge you to make your Artist Trading Cards too as this is the latest collector item! Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. Your comments continue to inspire me to keep sharing with you.
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