May 7, 2010

Our Little Tweetie Pie - Aiden

This is a easy page from Straight From The Nest. This is my little Tweetie Pie, Aiden. He is keeping a very close eye on me while he is eating his lunch. His little sisters & I used to pretend that Grandma was eating their food when they were this size and they would giglge and giggle. But not little Aiden he just cries if you get near his lunch! So he looked at me the whole time he was eating with this worried look on his face.
I used a baby paper print yet I wanted a stronger statement so I got the stickles out and stickled the swirls.
Then looking at the layout I had prepared and the pieces for the layout and I decided it needed more.
So I stickled the Tweetie Pie. While that was drying I put the flowers together.
Yet it still needed more so back to adding more buttons, and stickles.
Now it looks nice, even the little birdie has stickles on his wings.
I just love all the little hearts on the tips of the swirls.
Papers for baby layouts are sooo soft and delicate. I must say that was hard for me as I like things with a little more Sass.
Well I sure hope you like todays project. It was so easy and fun to do. If you would like the file here is the Sassy Tweetie Pie Gypsy File . Registered & Protected
Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement, your comments inspire me to keep posting.
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